We believe that the only way to forgiveness and salvation is through repentance and belief in the atoning death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through the teaching of God’s word, and through prayer, we depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to convince people of their need for Jesus and to help us to bear witness to Jesus Christ.


  • We are committed to weekly corporate worship on Sunday morning, that unites people of different ages and interests, and also seek to develop more opportunities for different groups of people to worship God together.
  • We are committed to prayer in recognising our dependence upon God and as an expression of our relationship with God.


  • We are committed to human relationships in the church, characterised by selfless love and unity.


  • We are committed to continued growth towards full spiritual maturity.
  • We are committed to building up our children and young people in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and in understanding God’s Word.


  • We are committed to teaching the Bible as the supreme and only authority for Christian belief and living.
  • We are committed to equipping every member to use his or her gifts in serving God and His people.


  • We are committed to equipping and encouraging people to help make Jesus known to their friends and family, locally and overseas, including through acts of kindness and mercy.
  • We are committed to pray for mission work in other places and to commit ten percent of our stewardship resources to it.

Mission Action Plan - Church Values and Aims July 2011