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Resources for sharing faith

Resources for sharing faith

In today's sermon, we're looking at how the Samaritan woman shared her faith in Jesus in John 4.

I'm going to mention a survey you may find interesting.  It highlights that 1 in 5 people in the UK who have a Christian friend, would be willing to read the Bible with that friend if only they were asked!  Isn't that amazing!  It means we may get some knock-backs, but if you have 5 friends, God can use you to perhaps help at least one of them come to faith.  Here's the survey:

I'm also going to mention a resource that anyone (yes anyone!) can use to read the Bible with a friend.  It's called 'The Word One to One' and it goes through John's Gospel in small sections that take about 15-20 minutes.  You don't need any Bible knowledge, just to read what's on the pages with your friend.

  • You can download 'The Word One to One' for free
  • You can purchase 'The Word One to One' as a booklet